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TalTechi Turundusõhtu

April 16th at 18:00

TalTech Marketing Club is back with the next Evening!

As with the last time, the event will take the form of a panel discussion, where marketing specialists from various fields will discuss two different crucial marketing topics, sharing their insights and experiences 💡

🎤 The evening's moderator is Kadri Kiigema. Kadri has been leading marketing and communication teams at Estonian universities for nearly 15 years.

Panel Topics:

📍 Advertising Law - Pros and Cons

📍 How to be Creative on Social Media?


Where and When?

🕕 On April 16th at 18:00 in the TalTech main building's auditorium

See you in the evening! 🫶

🎫 Tickets are NOW on sale! 🎫

PSSST! Get your ticket early, as the price will increase over time 👇

I paneel - Reklaamiseadus - plussid ja miinused

Arno Pae

Helina Reinfelt

Martin Varrand

II paneel - Kuidas olla sotsiaalmeedias loov?

Gabriel Mälton

Maarja Martin

Jane Skripitsõna

Turundusõhtu moderaator

Kadri Kiigema


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